Moving to WordPress

I am very pleased to announce that The Privacy and IP Law Blog has moved to WordPress, and to a dedicated domain –! The blog will operate on both the location and on the new location for a few months while all the kinks are worked out. Ultimately, the RSS Feed and subscriber links will also move to WordPress.

Why the switch?

Well, for the past year or so, my traditional way of blogging (writing the material offline, double-checking all of the hyperlinks before publication, then posting in draft form, etc.) was disrupted by some updates within MS Word that appear to now make it impossible to publish offline to a blog.

Specifically, I can no longer write the posts in Word and update them to the blog for further editing and customization, which has required online access more consistently in order to publish (not always easy when traveling!). I’ve attempted to find fixes or patches to this issue – but it appears even though this concern is somewhat common, there is no fix. The discussion boards are rich with complaints about this recent modification to the interactivity between Blogger (owned by Google) and MS Word (owned by Microsoft) – with no remedies.

As a result, my ability to post in a streamlined, time-efficient way has been disrupted.

Hence, fewer posts.

So, after researching for the past few months to find an alternative, I’ve decided to register my own domain and host it through WordPress. We’ll give this a try for a while and see how it goes. With any luck, I’ll be able to write more frequently, without as many administrative headaches, and keep this a robust site.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!