Top 10 Ways to Preserve Your Trademarks

On Friday (April 16), during the Pennsylvania Bar Institute‘s Fourth Annual IP Institute, I delivered a presentation on Top 10 Ways to Preserve Your Trademark, co-presented with Rex A. Donnelly of RatnerPrestia in its Wilmington, DE office.

I will be uploading both the article and PowerPoint presentation that we co-developed to my firm’s web site as quickly as feasible, and you are welcome to review them there. In sum, however, the topics we covered were:

  1. Choose a Mark You Can Protect
  2. Register Your Mark
  3. Be Truthful with the Trademark Office
  4. Keep Using Your Mark
  5. Maintain Your Registration
  6. Update Your Protection
  7. Use Your Mark Correctly
  8. Make Sure Others Use Your Mark Correctly
  9. Police for Infringement and Dilution
  10. License Your Mark Wisely

(I had responsibility for topics 3,4,5,7 and 9 – and wrote the sections for topics 3,4,6,7 and 9 in the article (Mr. Donnelly and I swapped topics 5 and 6 the morning of our presentation)). I also attended many of the presentations by my colleagues, and was particularly impressed with the “Mock” hearings (Mock Markman Hearing, Mock Preliminary Injunction Argument, Mock TTAB Cancellation Hearing), which were all presided over by judges currently sitting on the bench. I hope the course planners expand those sessions to additional topics next year.

I welcome your comments.

UPDATE on 5/7/10: The published article and the accompanying slides are now available on my firm’s web site. The direct links are here: “Top 10 Ways to Preserve Your Trademark,” Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s Fourth Annual IP Institute (April 16, 2010), co-written with Rex A. Donnelly of RatnerPrestia(with presentation slides).